Try This..Before bed

Before going to bed grab a sheet  of paper make two columns. Put a plus sign on one side and a negative side on the other.

Mark all the good things you did today on the side with the plus side, and mark things you could have done better on the side with the negative sign. You can also do a second sheet with a to do list for the next day.  The idea is to empty your mind from anything that might be blocking you from getting a good nights sleep.

Also look at this as way to pay it forward as well, a way to help others and yourself have a great day. If your need improvement list is longer than the good things work at changing this daily. This little list will help you relieve the stress that we all encounter throughout the day.

Now before going to bed make sure your surroundings are  clean, that you are comfortable in your choice of bed gear, try lying on your right side, for this helps the food flow swiftly down in the stomach.

Restful Sleep

Abu Saabr


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The Saabr International Blog is dedicated to being a resource for information on Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil, Kalonji). We also are committed to providing educational, thought provoking,and stimulating, information and conversation on health and wellness.
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