Black Seed for love sickness?

I had a conversation today with a friend in which we were discussing  some of the benefits of Black Seed Oil and Black Seed Oil Soap and all the sudden our friend gets this real serious look on his face.  He says to me man I really appreciate you sharing this information, its really great! I wonder if it can help as issue of having with my heart? I began to go into how  research has shown benefits for various heart conditions and he begins to laugh, and says i don’t have any of those conditions but what I do have is love sickness can it help with that? I began to chuckle and say you know there is no research on that for Black Seed Oil, but Ibn Sinna a great researcher and doctor says one of the best remedies for love sickness is to see the one that you are love sick for!

Abu Saabr


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The Saabr International Blog is dedicated to being a resource for information on Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil, Kalonji). We also are committed to providing educational, thought provoking,and stimulating, information and conversation on health and wellness.
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