10 Fit Tips

10 Fit Tips

Donna Richardson Joyner, creator of Body Gospel®

The holidays are a time of excess—lots of parties and lots of spending. But it isn’t just the credit card debt that many people are trying to shed in the New Year. It’s also those excess pounds! With all the family gatherings, office parties, and Christmas celebrations, it can be easy to gain 5 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and January.


Don’t fret. Here are my Festive and Fit tips that will have you fabulous and fit during the holidays and looking and feeling great into the New Year:

Fitness Tips:

  1. When you’re out at a holiday party, don’t just dance for one song—stay on the dance floor and be a dancing machine. Extra points for doing the moonwalk in your “‘Tis the Season” stilettos!
  2. Before shopping at the mall, put on your comfortable shoes so when you get there you can walk a couple of laps around the mall then purchase your goodies. Warning: Sprint through the food court so that you won’t stop to smell the combination of pizza, chicken, chili dogs, and cinnamon rolls.
  3. Ignore valet parking and don’t waste your time driving around for 20 minutes for a close parking spot. Park and walk. Once inside, make a conscious choice to take the stairs. If you do take the stairs, you have the right to give a judgmental slow shake of the head directed at the people riding the escalator.
  4. People DancingFor those who love Christmas caroling, add some movement. Sing, move, and get your groove on. If you want to turn the speed up a notch, I suggest working out to A Chipmunk Christmas.
  5. Give your loved ones gifts that will keep their hearts healthy and their buns blessed. For example: Body Gospel fitness program, walking shoes, a pair of weights, or sessions with a trainer. That will beat a fruitcake, a pair of fuzzy slippers, or a Chia Pet® any day of the week!

Nutrition Tips:

  1. Eat a healthy snack before you leave the house to go to a holiday party or the grocery store. If you don’t, you could find yourself filling your basket or your tummy with stuff you would normally pass up.
  2. Make sure when you leave for the party you’re not empty-handed. Keep your hands full with holding a purse, camera, cell phone . . . anything that will keep you from holding food or a drink—unless it’s water.
  3. When you do eat at the gathering, grab a small plate; think small portions; and once you have your plate of food, stay far away from the table of temptation. And that doesn’t mean pile the food onto the small plate. Here’s a rule: If you’re holding a salad plate at the height of your stomach and food is rubbing against your chin . . . you’ve got way too much!
  4. Leftover Food in ContainersJust politely say no to Aunt Betty when she wants to load you down with doggie bags of leftover ham, macaroni and cheese, and sweet potato pie. But say yes if she asks if she’s prying about wanting to know when you’re going to get married and have children.
  5. Remember to hydrate and keep in mind that certain drinks (especially caffeinated and alcoholic ones) will dehydrate you. So drink up, yes, but make it H20. Scope out the bathrooms so that you won’t risk making that uncomfortable wandering search while doing the “Potty Shuffle.”

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