Surprise her tonight!

In an early post we asked the question,  Why be a good listener? and we answered our own question with this statement, You will get an education that you cannot get anywhere else.

A practical exercise for men, when you go home tonight, and your significant other begins talking to you about their day stop whatever you are doing, put the book down, pause  or turn off the T.V. show, stop texting, face her and began to LISTEN!

Listen attentively, just don’t sit their like a deer in head lights though, ask questions about her day, ask how she handled certain situations, mainly be as interested in her conversation as you possibly can be.  This will surprise her she may not jump up and down, and scream your name but if you are one of those guys  that constantly says huh or what did you say when she is talking to you, or doesn’t pay full attention when she is talking to you, you will surely learn something tonight.

This exercise can be used for anyone who does a million things when folks are talking to them, we used this example for men specifically because a lot of women we talk with always say I feel my boyfriend or husband  is not listening to me, so men lets listen better even if just for  one night, and you will learn something,God Willing.

Peace and Blessing!

Abu Saabr



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The Saabr International Blog is dedicated to being a resource for information on Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil, Kalonji). We also are committed to providing educational, thought provoking,and stimulating, information and conversation on health and wellness.
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