Goat Milk For Your Skin

There are some natural treatments for your skin that most definitely deserve a second look when it comes to their many benefits. One of the best ingredients to moisturize and heal your skin is milk, and one of the best types of milk that you can use to cleanse your skin is goat’s milk.

Milk has been used for centuries as an effective skin treatment. Cleopatra used to take regular milk baths, which could have been the reason for her beautiful skin. There are a number of nutrients in milk that are good for your skin, including vitamins A and D as well as probiotics. The lactic acid in milk also contains natural beta hydroxy acids that act as an exfoliator to strip the skin of dead cells and leave it soft and silky smooth. The reason that goat’s milk is such a good choice in skin care is because the pH in this particular milk matches the pH in our skin better than any other type of milk, adding to the soft, supple feel after washing with it.

How to Use Goat’s Milk as a Skin Care Product

So you have decided that goat’s milk will be good for your skin, but how do you use it? This can actually be the easy part, since there are any number of commercial skin care products available that contain this wonderful ingredient. You can select from lotions, creams and soaps that will pamper your skin as they moisturize. You can also create your own goat’s milk bath by adding a cup or two of the milk to your tub. It is best to warm the milk a bit before pouring it into the bath. You can also add a couple of drops of the essential oil of your choice (almond oil works well) for additional moisturizing qualities and fragrance.

Goat’s milk soap is another good choice in a bath products that is strong enough to thoroughly cleanse, but gentle enough for even the youngest bathers in your household. People with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis have also found goat’s milk soaps and other bath products to be beneficial to their skin. At the very least, these products will be gentle enough that they won’t exacerbate any type of skin condition.

Milk has been a skin care ingredient that has been used for centuries by some of the most beautiful women in history. Why not try this amazing product for yourself, and indulge in a goat’s milk bath the next time you decide to hit the tub? If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, surely it will work for you!


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