Black Seed Oil in “MY Hair”?

Q. Can i use Black Seed Oil in my hair or my beard?

The short answer is yes!

Long Answer :  Some of our friends own or work at Barber Shops or Beauty Salons, some of them use Black Seed oil on there customers scalp after shaving, as a hot oil treatment, some rub it into there customers beard for the nutrients that Black Seed Oil provides (i personally do this as well).  We had one of our friends using black seed oil as a dandruff treatments for some of there customers.

Black Seed Oil promotes a healthy scalp and strong hair by providing Vitamin A,B,C and E, minerals calcium,potassium,iron, magnesium and zinc,  as as well as the amino acid Methionine, which some test suggest  promotes healthy hair.

Black Seed Oil  can and does help people maintain a healthy scalp and grow healthy hair by giving our  bodies exactly what it  needs to produce a full healthy head of hair.


About Saabr International

The Saabr International Blog is dedicated to being a resource for information on Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil, Kalonji). We also are committed to providing educational, thought provoking,and stimulating, information and conversation on health and wellness.
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