Ladies u might reconsider wearing those High Heels

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6 Tips For Wearing High Heels Without Causing Pain

Nothing makes a leg look better than a sexy patent leather 4-inch stiletto. Not only do they lengthen the leg and give woman a more towering stature, but they just look sexy. Of course the trade-off is that those sexy little shoes can do some serious injury to your legs and feet. A recent study found that high heels shorten calf muscles and cause muscle stiffness.

yahooThe study compared two groups of women; one group of 11 volunteers had worn high heels at least five days a week for two years or more while the other group of nine women had not. The study found that subjects who always wore heels had shorter calf muscles, stiffer Achilles tendons and less ankle motion than their flat wearing counterparts.

No matter how great they look, constantly wearing high heels can cause damage and pain from bunions to shrinking your calf muscles to sprained ankles from falling. Here are a few tips to help with heels.

1 Make sure your shoes fit properly.

2. Feet swell sometimes. Before wearing new shoes, stretch them out  first by wearing them with socks around the house.

3. Get cushiony shoe inserts for extra padding

4. Scuff up the bottom if there is no traction so you don’t slip and twist your ankle.

5. Stretch out your calves.

6. Wear open toe shoes to relieve pressure and scrunching on your toes.

We’re not suggesting you never wear heels again; they are fun, sexy and make your legs look hot. But if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or you’ll be on your feet all day, bring some flats with you. Take a little break and put on some cushiony, flat walking shoes; a short walk is not only good for your legs and feet but also for your heart and waistline.

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