Multiple Efficacy of Nigella Sativa / Black seed Oil

Black Seed (nigella sativa) is a plant that has a lot of benefits to maintain health and cure various diseases. One of the benefits of Black Seed are:

 Strengthens Immune System
Black Cumin (Black Seed) can increase the number of T cells that are good for increasing natural killer cells. Effectiveness up to 72% when compared with placebo only 7%. Thus, taking Black Seed can boost the immune system. In 1993, DR. Basil Ali with his colleagues from the College of Medicine at the University of King Faisal Saud Pharmasetik publish in journals. The ability of extract of Black Seed is recognized Prof. G Reitmuller, Director of the Institute of the University of Munich Immonologi, can boost the immune system and can be used bioregulator. Thus, Black Seed can be used as a cure for a disease that attacks the immune system, such as cancer and AIDS.

Improve memory, concentration, and alertness
With the content of linoleic acid (omega 6) and linoleic acid (omega 3), Black Seed is a nutrient for the brain cells to improve memory and intelligence. Black Seed also improve micro (blood circulation) to the brain and is perfect to give a child the age of growth and the elderly.

Increasing hormone bioactivity
Hormones are the active substances produced by endocrine glands that enter the bloodstream. In the human body there are different kinds of hormones for example reproductive hormones associated with sexual arousal. One of the Black Seed is setrol content that serves as hormone synthesis and bioactivity.

Neutralize toxins in the body
Toxins can disturb the metabolism and reduce the function of vital organs such as liver, lungs and brain. Symptoms of mild poisoning may include diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, respiratory problems and reduce the power of concentration. Black Seed contains saponins that can neutralize and clean up toxins in the body.

Overcome sleep disorders and stress
Sapion contained in Black Seed that have functions such as corticosteroids can affect carbohydrate, protein and fat as well as affect the functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles and nerves of the body. Sapion serves to defend themselves from environmental changes, sleep disturbances and can relieve stress.

Histamine is a substance released by tissues that give allergic reactions such as bronchial asthma. Black Seed Oil made from can isolate dithimoquinone. Oil is often called volatile nigellone from nigella. Provision of these oils have a positive impact for bronchial asthma patients. Research conducted by Nirmal Chakravaty MD in 1993 proved the crystals of negelone suppresive effect. These crystals can inhibit proteinkinase C, a substance that triggers the release of histamine.
Other studies have also proved the same. Was conducted by Dr. Med. Peter Schleincher, immonologi expert from the University of Munich. Performing tests on 600 people who suffer from allergies. The result is quite convincing, 70% who suffer from dust allergies, pollen, acne and asthma cured after being given nigella oil (Black Seed). In practice Dr.Schleincher prescribe black Seed to patients suffering from influenza.

Improve the digestive tract and anti-bacterial
Black Seed oil contains essential oils of volatif known benefits for improving digestion. Essential oils traditionally used to cure diarrhea. In 1992, Pakistan Journal of
Pharmaceutical making the results of studies that prove more potent volatile oils to kill strains of bacteria V Cholera and E. coli compared with antibiotics such as ampicilin and tetracycline.

Launched breast milk
The combination of unsaturated fat and hormonal structures contained in Black Seed oil ‘may launch breast milk. The research was later published in the research literature Potchetstroom University in 1989.

Additional nutrients in pregnant women and toddlers
In infancy, children need to improve naturally immune system, especially in the rainy season, children are very susceptible to flu and colds. The content of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 found in black seed are nutrients that help the development of brain tissue.

Rejuvenate skin cells and delay the aging process
Skin is one of the important organs of the outer body. Its function is to protect the body from the physical impact, germs and fungi. Black Seed is very good for keeping moisture, smoothness and skin rejuvenation.

Nutrition for the elderly and food supplement
Rich in nutritional content as an additional energy is ideal for elderly people, especially to keep the immune system and revitality of brain cells so as not to go senile. Black Seed contains 15 kinds of amino acids making up the protein content including the nine essential amino acids. Amino acids can not be produced by the body in sufficient quantities, therefore, must be obtained from food.

The principles of anti-tumor at the International Cancer Congress in New Delhi on last fall Black Seed Oil ‘was introduced Immonobiologi cancer scientists from the Laboratory of South Carolina. Black Seed stimulates bone marrow and immune cells. The interferon produce normal cells against harmful viruses as well as destroy tumor cells and enhance antibody

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3 Responses to Multiple Efficacy of Nigella Sativa / Black seed Oil

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  2. Chinaz Love says:

    Okay I have to try black seed oil, if for no other reason to disprove all these claims. Black Seed Oil cures, assist, with HIV? what? C’mon! But if it can make my hair grow and my skin look younger, I will try it!

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