The Blood Type Diet .. for Skin

by James L. D’Adamo

Americans have become label readers. They read the ingredient list on the product labels in grocery store before they even purchase them. But how many consider reading the labels of facial creams or cleansers? How about lip balms—especially for those in the northeast with harsher winter months.  With thee largest organ being skin, it’s astonishing to know what ingredients some skin care products actually contain—from phthalates to parabens ,diazolidinyl urea,  myreth, oleth, laureth, ceteareth sodium lauryl and sodium laureth. Not so healthy sounding, right?

While many Americans are involved in detox programs, they continue to contaminate their skin. Based on the Blood Type Diet, each blood type needs different types of foods, nutrients, vitamin supplements and exercise to keep healthy and to gain optimum health. High-quality, all-natural ingredients creams and cleansers are the best way to nurture skin and sustain the vitality of the skin long-term.

Facial creams should include ingredients that are natural and able to moisturize without leaving the face oily. Emu oil in facial creams helps moisturize, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Shea and coco butters with vitamin E are also important ingredients; they produce smoother skin. Creams with rosemary help firm and even skin tone; and mandarin orange and aloe stimulate healthy cell growth so not only is skin revitalized, it is stimulated for healthy cell growth. While antioxidants are good for the body, they are also good for skin. Facial creams that include witch hazel, which has antioxidant properties, help rebalance the skin. 

These agents also help fend off acne-causing bacterium. Calendula in particular has high levels of flavonoids that offer free-radical destroying antioxidants. This is combination with tea tree produces not only antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory agents, but increases collagen. Lavender helps promote new cell growth and ginger acts as an antiseptic. Neem oil has antimicrobial properties, and horse chestnut helps prevent vein and capillary fragility. This helps the face regain its vitality and younger looking skin as with age.

The other product widely used for facials is facial cleansers. With daily use, cleansers that include the above ingredients will help stimulate skin cell renewal, and remove oil build-ups while protecting against breakouts by dissolving skin impurities and improving circulation. Tea-tree oil, an antiseptic; calendula, an antiviral; and chamomile, which promotes cell regeneration and acts as an antiseptic are all very important. 

Lip balms are another part of skin care regimens. Lip balms should include beeswax, emu oil, vitamin E, she butter, calendula and castor oil. These ingredients help soothe and have revitalizing properties that can repair chapped lips while maintaining moisture for consistent revitalization.

Face and body products that use natural ingredients are just as important as natural and organic foods and vitamin supplements. This will help revitalize the body’s entire system and provide optimum health for a balanced life.


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