Spoken Word : Rings In the Water

This is a post from our new follower mesayah,if you like the spoken word check the page out at http://mesayah.wordpress.com/

Circkles from the center, rise of a problem
the start of a rock falling, no one can solve em
But you can break the cycle
by throwing your own thoughts back at em
Production from the brainstem
thirty rocks thrown
no sollution shown
Just rings of thirty different sullotions,  all hope is gone
No justification won
No king on the throne
thirty different princes screaming their kingdom will come
So the water rings hides a lot of stories
but underneath the surface lies the true deep diaries
written in the streams
dragging you between,
the true stream of life and the images in dreams
you cant stop a view with your own
but you can always sit and dream about your hopes


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