Nigella Sativa -Black Seed Oil

Nigella Sativa –  Black Seed Oil

Greetings of Peace and Blessings!

Welcome, to the wonderful healing power of Nigella Sativa, commonly known as Black Seed Oil(BSO), Black Cumin Oil, Shonaiz (Persian), Kalonji, Habbat al Barrakah (Blessed Seed), Habbat Sawda, Kalvanji, and Ketsah (Hebrew).

Do you suffer from any of these health related issues?

Abscess Dry Skin Itchy Skin Prostate Cancer
Allergies Eczema Irritated Skin Psoriasis
Arthritis Fevers Joint Pains Stress
Asthma Gastrointestinal Gases Menopause Sun Burned Skin

All of the above health concern or issues, usually will result in some form of inflammation internally or externally.  This is your bodies tissues responding to injury or irritation. At this stage you may notice pain,swelling, redness,loss of function, or discharge of fluid or smell. While inflammation helps fight disease and protects parts of the body,it also suspends the body’s normal immune response and certain metabolic processes. In the short term this not a problem,but in the long term it causes progressive damage. So how do you get relief?

Introducing Nigella Sativa:

Discover a proven natural solution for inflammation relief!

Nigella Sativa a world wide Phenomenon that has been been used for over 3000, years as a Medicinal herb and is still considered to be one of the best herbs ever discovered.  It is still used by millions world wide, as a natural health remedy for better health and wellness!

How Does It Work?

Research has shown that Nigella Sativa the following components that work synergetically to  assist your body against inflammation:

Thymoquinone: is a Phtytochemical that is found in Nigella Sativa,which is known for its  anti-oxidant effects. Anti -oxidants help destroy free radicals which kill healthy cells, cause inflammation, and disruption of healthy cells. In research studies has been found to inhibit certain opportunistic fungi. Thymoquinone also has pain killing effects and  many other  therapeutic benefits.  Recently i there have been independent studies on thymoquinone for erectile dysfunction as well a HIV and AIDS.

Nigellone: Provides cleansing and eliminating action.  Is very effective in inhibiting histamine (Anti-histamine),which cause allergic reactions.

Prostaglandin E1 : Prevents release of Arachidonic Acid (AA) which causes inflammation.  Is an acne reductive, and has  moisture retentive properties.  Harmonizes the immune system and stabilizes the body’s over-reactive allergic reactions.

Selenium: An essential trace mineral that functions largely in the form of proteins, called selenoproteins, which act as enzymes and help prevent damage to cells in the body (anti-oxidant).  Helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  Also is know for its ability to regulate the thyroid.  Selenium is believed by scientists to have an important role in preventing skin cancer. Selenium can also help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun.

Get it now !

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